Specific Needs

  • Call Centers for renewable energy industry
  • Call Centers for Forex & Binary Options industry
  • Call Centers for Insurance's brokers
  • Business Intelligence – BI
  • Turnkey Call Center in less than 30 days


- We will supply all requirred harware (call-center's station including adapted computers, IP Phones, headphones.
- We will quote and supervise the network cabeling needs.

Supervisor's Training & Setting right KPI.

We will help you define KPI that are usefull to your operation and train your supervisers accordingly.


We will provide you with an CRM system that integrates your telephony and is fully adapted to your sales funnel.

Turnkey Call Center

We will find the office location, 
provide all the hardware, 
supervise the network cabeling and office installation.
we will intiate the HR search and interviewing of supervisor & teleprospector candidates.
We will give training.